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Media Software

Below is information about various software programs. Some are free or have free options, and I have provided links to online tutorials when available. The English Department has video camera and audio recorders available for checkout through me. Please fill out this form and bring it to class if you wish to borrow something.


Apple’s signature video editing program. If you have this software available, I recommend using it over the other options below.

On the Mac, Quicktime allows you to do simple video editing. It should be preinstalled on your machine.

Movie Maker
Available on most PCs preinstalled and downloadable at the link above. Atomic Learning has a series of video tutorials you can use.

A free cloud-based video editor, which allows you to store your projects online and work on them from anywhere. Free storage and features are limited, but upgrades are reasonably priced.

A free download for PCs

A free download for Mac or PC



Garage Band
Apple’s signature audio recording and editing program. If you are working with music, this program offers features you may want, but its learning curve is higher than Audacity’s.

A free, open source audio editing program for Mac and PC. It is very simple to learn and even comes in a portable version you can load on a thumb drive and use on any PC (portable version not available for Mac). Go to the “Downloads” page and be sure to choose the correct version for your operating system (choose the “stable” version and NOT the “beta” version). Also download the “LAME MP3 Encoder”; a link to this is listed under “Optional Downloads” on the download page. You need the LAME MP3 encoder to create MP3 files. You can also download a portable version of Audacity to carry with you on you flash/thumb drive. The portable version is available on the network drive in our classroom and in Eddy 300.



A free cloud-based infographics creator, which allows you to store your projects online and work on them from anywhere. Free features are limited, but offer enough options for beginners.

A free cloud-based infographics creator. Free features are limited, but offer enough options for beginners.

5 Tools For Creating Your Own Infographics
This article reviews five different infographics programs including Piktochart and infogr.am



This site allows you to create online quizzes and polls that you can use for research purposes or to create a Buzzfeed style quiz for your project.


Interactive Maps

Open-source interactive map creation software. Free and paid cloud-based options available

Stat Silk
Robust interactive map creation software. Free, cloud-based version available. Can be purchased and downloaded for full-feature access, but it’s very pricy.

Free, cloud-based version available with various paid subscriptions available.

Free, cloud-based version available with a paid pro version available.

Free 30-day trial. Cloud-based.